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Meditate Online

Meditation online

For the next few minutes to hours,  leave your hectic lifestyle behind.  Forget the hustle and the bustle.  Jump into the ocean of  bliss that awaits herein. If you have not yet felt the energy awakening, start here:

Self Realization Exercise 

If you have already felt the energy or experienced a quieting of the mind, below are some wonderful websites that will allow you to go further in your meditation right here in front of your computer:

How to progress (Sahaja Meditation Chicago Website)

Meditation Lessons (Sahaja Meditation Chicago Website)

Archived Sahaja Meditation Radio Shows (SY Australia Website)

Meditation Room with Music (SY Canadian Website)

Video Excerpts (SY International Website)

You can also download and print the following handouts: (you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader – download here)

Introduction (Turya course)

Sahaja Techniques 1 (Turya Course)

Sahaja Techniques 2 (Turya Course)

Sahaja Techniques 3 (Turya Course)


Meditation using the elements

Description of the subtle system (Discovery Course)