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For the next few minutes to hours,  leave your hectic Bay Area lifestyle behind.  Forget the hustle and the bustle.  Jump into the electronic ocean of  bliss that awaits herein. If you have not yet felt the energy awakening,  this is the place to start.

You can receive your Self Realization (connection with your Self) while sitting in front of your computer. The only condition is your sincere desire to have it.

“It  is everyone’s right to achieve this state of one’s evolution and everything necessary is already inbuilt. But as I respect your freedom, you have to have the desire to achieve this state, it cannot be forced upon you!”  – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – Founder of Sahaja Yoga MeditationShri Mataji visited Berkeley. On June 18, 2000 she held Public Program. At the time of the program the Mayor of Berkeley announced Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Day to commemorate Shri Mataji’s contribution for World’s Peace. This video extract is from the Public Program that Shri Mataji held in Berkeley on June 18, 2000. Sit with your back straight but comfortably.  Taking off your shoes might also help since the Mother Earth element takes away our problems. Follow Shri Mataji’s instructions through the guided Self Realization meditation 

Now, after the end of the meditation, see if you are feeling relaxed and if your thoughts have slowed down or gradually disappeared. This is the first stage of meditation – thoughtless awareness – where you are fully alert but without any thoughts, in a state of pure and peaceful consciousness.

Now see if you can feel a sensation of a gentle cool breeze in your palms and above your head. It might be warm in the beginning which is a sign that your inner energy is purifying your energy centers, but it will eventually cool down. You can verify it by placing your left palm 6 to 12 inches above your head, then trying with the right palm.

If you are unable to feel it, you have probably not forgiven everyone. Say again from your heart, “I forgive everyone” a few times and check again if you feel the cool breeze above your head.

This is the beginning of a fantastic journey into your own self existence. It is a door opened to a new dimension of your awareness, which you can open and explore. If sustained through regular meditation, you will be able to feel your subtle centers  as well as the centers of others on your fingertips, and correct them using your inner energy.

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